Departure Services

Departure Services

When time comes to leave Atlanta, the first step is a smooth and easy departure. We will insure that nothing is overlooked and provide our clients piece of mind.

Personalized Departure Service Options:
  • Assistance with lease termination
  • Recovery of security deposit
  • Preliminary walk thru of the house/condo/apartment
  • Documentation of the property condition
  • Coordination of repairs and cleaning as necessary
  • Coordination of the move-out inspection with landlord
  • Assistance with disconnection of utilities and closing of accounts
  • Mail forwarding service
  • Cancelling of liability insurance
  • Assistance with closing bank accounts
  • Assistance with organizing important records and documents (ie: school reports, medical records, legal documents, etc..)


Length of Service: 1, 2 and 3 days

Experiencing substantial penalties and lost security deposits with your departing transferees?

With all of the focus that is placed on the Rental Finding Assistance and Settling in Process, it is often easy to unintentionally neglect the importance of Departure Services. Not serving the contracted notice to vacate, failing to document any preexisting damages prior to move in and presenting them upon departure, failing to disconnect utilities, etc. can often result in substantial penalty charges. Particularly with international transferees, it is difficult to recoup security deposits if these issues are not addressed effectively before the transferee departs from their rental home.

Helping You Prepare

When an assignment is nearing its end, PorchLight will help prepare for departure by managing:

· Notice to vacate or lease break negotiation

· Move out inspection

· Security deposit recovery

· Utility service cancellation and disconnection including cable, internet and phone, and mail forwarding

· Repairs, handyman services, home cleaning, rental furniture pickup

· Review move-out requirements for returning keys, garage remotes and any items belonging to the landlord

Although lease review and utility information is provided at the onset with all of our rental assistance services, not all transferees utilize this benefit. If departure services are authorized at the time of rental assistance, we can guarantee that these protective measures are provided:

· Lease review and provide/retain copy of lease

· Assistance in utility connection

· Walk thru at move in, documenting existing damage and photographing it

· Follow up throughout stay to ensure proper notice is submitted and departure services scheduled