Spouse/Partner Assistance

Spouse, Partner and Significant Other Assistance

Helping significant others feel comfort and connected to Atlanta is extremely important. We assess the needs and interests of the partner and provides a range of information, resources, and personalized services.Custom made programs can be developed based on each client's personal needs.

Personalized Assistance Options:
  • Advice on resume writing 
  • Guidance on job search
  • English as a second language - classes 
  • Cultural Training (assimilation vs adaptation, do's and don't, understanding and living in a foreign country, etc...)


Length of Service: half day to 6 weeks, as needed


Dual Career Assistance Program:

GO responds to the needs of dual career couples by providing individualized career transition support services. GO is delighted to offer career support service in the new community. Prior to making the relocation decision, job seekers will be able to access career support services that are fully customized around specific career objectives.Upon acceptance of a relocation offer, additional support services will be provided to continue the career transition.

Partial List of Services:

  • Career coaching and assistance
  • Connection to hobbies and interests
  • Customized area orientation
  • Personalized research
  • Arrange Meet n Greets
  • Extended support for unique situations
  • And much more…

Sampling of Customizable Services:

  • Personalized career assessment
  • Resume and cover letter preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Community connections
  • Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses
  • Effective networking
  • Social networking strategies
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Personal branding
  • Offer management and salary negotiation
  • Transitioning to a new job
  • and other customized services…


  • Connect with employers in the GO Network
  • Identify career opportunities in the local market
  • Discover published and unpublished job opportunities
  • Understand the evolving job market in the local area
  • Shorten the job search period
  • Enhance total career management skills

To assist with career opportunities in the local market, this service delivers personalized career strategies tailored around our client’s unique talents and aspirations.