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International Services

International Services

Moving internationally is a drawn out process that can involve months of seemingly endless decisions to make and details to remember that are critical to a smooth transition. We know the processes inside out. We will focus on wrapping up the key final steps by providing a blend of personalized services that will allow our clients to become grounded into their new community faster, save time and frustration and be free to focus on work. 

Personalized Step-by-Step Guidance Options:
  • Needs evaluation for personalized service
  • Pre-move counseling for the assignee and family
  • Move planning and departure services
  • Individualized research based on needs, interests, and hobbies

Personalized Home Locating Options:

  • Customized rental home searches
  • Lease negotiation for the best possible terms
  • Furniture leasing arrangements
  • Utilities management

Personalized Area Orientation and Support Options:

  • Customized school research, evaluation, selection, and enrollment assistance
  • Social Security and driver's license guidance and accompanied applications
  • Guidance and accompanied set-up of bank account in a financial institution
  • Connection to local resources including cultural and language training
  • Connection to social network and affinity groups
  • Information on how to navigate the city
  • City tour of main attractions, entertainment venues, hobbies, shopping, grocery stores, and much more
  • Public transportation information 
  • Connection to hobbies and areas of interest 
  • Connection with day-to-day resources such as shopping, dining, and entertainment
  • Assistance with local and state government registrations 
  • Buying/leasing a vehicle 
  • Obtaining mobile phones 
  • Connecting utilities 
  • Operating appliances (gas, electrical, phone, internet, cable)
  • Identification of emergency and medical services
  • Assistance with securing domestic services (cleaning company, gardener, etc.)
  • Assistance with language services
  • And much more…
Length of service: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 day programs