Corporate Housing

Through partnership agreements with other housing providers, DestiDome offers corporate housing in Atlanta and Metro Area. 

A hotel alternative in the past, corporate housing has become a perfect solution for companies and individuals who need spacious, comfortable, and first class accommodations. Our providers offer direct billing to the corporation and also accept all major credit cards.

Why corporate housing vs a hotel?

  • Corporate housing allows the flexibility of paying one monthly statement inclusive of all fees. No hidden charges, no tax, no other fees without prior approval;
  • Monthly statements that are sent directly to the company and are easy to read;
  • Apartments/houses are equipped with washer and dryer, kitchen appliances, high-end executive furniture and housewares. All utilities are included;
  • Corporate leases can be for as little as a few days and as much as a year or more;
  • Local phone calls in a corporate apartment are unlimited and free. In a hotel, each time a local or long distance call is made, a fee is charged to the room.
  • No more checking in and out of hotels, dealing with airport lines carrying heavy luggage, and worrying about reservations each week. Each occupant can leave their belongings when they fly home on the weekends, making travel much easier, and more flexible.