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Lease Review

Lease Review

Lease Review Services

Employers and transferees can relax knowing that PorchLight offers expertise with the review of leases and the research of the rental property owners to avoid potential errors in the lease or fraudulent acts.


Signing on the dotted line? Not so fast! Get peace of mind with the professional support of PorchLight’s lease review service.

One of the biggest challenges among mobility managers today is finding solutions that protect relocating renters from signing leases they don’t understand. Unfamiliar terms and pressure to sign a lease often backfires leaving employers to serve as mediator between employees and landlords. Whether you have a domestic rental situation or an int’l move to the U.S., understanding the lease, a legal contract, is critical. PorchLight’s lease review is key to highlighting the “need-to-know” information before signing on the dotted line. Fully understanding and interpreting the lease gives all parties peace of mind.